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Cardio Grind- Our Signature Class

SWEAT, SWEAT SWEAT with this high energy, high impact Kickboxing Class that some would say is on crack. With the hottest club music mixed by the hottest DJ, Dj Severe, LA Dodgers, and Dj Nicki, your workout will get amped to music of today and the hottest of the decades.  Burn fat, torch and tone your way to a fit you. No two classes are ever alike!
 Are you ready to fight for it?  Cardio Grind classes has major  surprises like MMA and boxing combinations, weights, and focused ab work. All levels welcome. 1000kcal

Grit Hiit

A 45-min shot of Adrenaline is a mid to high tempo energy booster that gives you just enough.This class gets right down to the nitty gritty with a mix of cardio, functional training, HIIT and weights. But be ready, you dont stop moving, the work changes every few minutes.


Maintaining a warm climate in room temperature, this class is amazing at getting the most out of your strength training.  Watch the fat melt from your body with this hi calorie burning class. Dont knock it til you try it,  Learn to properly lift weights,  lean out, and sweat sweat sweat the pounds off in a comfortable group setting.

Old School Saturday Boo​tcamp

This is an Intro into working out. The Instructor is very delicate yet firm and knowledgeable in showing proper technique for Weights, abs, bodyweight movements, and Barre is also used to get great results. ALL LEVELS WELCOME

Advanced T​raining​


Want a challenge? Try our semi-private workout and receive intense results for your hardwork.  Work one on one with a professional athlete for four weeks getting your body from fat to Godly.  See twice the results in half the time. 


Need more personal attention?  Work one on one with a professional athlete.  We have plans to meet everyone's budget and schedule constraints.  Contact us for more information.